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We’ve created an Introductory guide for anyone that is interested in joining the club. It’s a compilation of information, suggestions, and ideas from our experienced managers who we pay using a software to create paystubs.

Join Maidenbower Colts as a manager or coach and we’ll support you in gaining the qualifications you need from the Sussex County FA. All our coaches and manager receive a Level I qualification in coaching and many go on to complete additional training. We’ll ask you to put in four to five hours a week with your team during the season. Training is usually one evening a week and matches last about three hours on a Saturday / Sunday morning. Meetings are kept to a minimum, but they are required. Managers are also responsible for submitting game results if your league requires it. 

How much time is involved?
About 2 -3 hours on a match day and one evening a week.

Will there be others helping me?
The aim is to get as many parents involved as possible to help with the many aspects of managing a team.

Will I have to organise anything?
The club will arrange your fixtures for you and allocate pitches. 

I have no experience in coaching or running a team. Will I receive training?
Yes. All coaches must obtain an FA Level 1 coaching qualification during their first season and keep first aid and child protection certificates up to date. The club will pay for Level 1 training.

If I want to obtain higher qualifications will the club support me?
Yes. We encourage personal development of coaching skills and grants are available through various channels to obtain qualifications at level 2 and 3.

Will the club supply the player’s kit and training equipment?
Yes. We will make sure that you have sufficient kit, balls and basic training equipment to run a team. We supply a match and training kit to each player as part of the monthly subscription.

How do I apply to become a coach or manager?
You must be CRB checked and any appointment as a volunteer to work with children and young people will be subject to a satisfactory report from the CRB.

What about training facilities?
Training takes place at a range of local pitches and in the winter months, most teams train at the all weather facility at Oriel High School, Maidenbower.

Other than running a team do I have to do anything else for the club?
The club operates an annual funday, and we will ask for help running this.

Who do I contact about becoming a coach or manager
Just complete our form on the contact us page and we will get in touch.

Maidenbower Colts offers children and young people a safe, well-managed environment where everyone can have fun. All our managers, coaches and officers are CRB checked. They also have a level 1 coaching qualification.

All Maidenbower Colts players and parents must agree to our club policies on behaviour, respect and fair play. Our club policies are on our safeguarding page.

You can discuss with the team manager for your child’s age group about the team and how they can participate. Normally new players come along for a couple of training sessions before they register with the club.

For very young children, in Reception at school, we run our starters session as an introduction to football.

Due to low demand we don’t have separate girls teams right now. The FA have, in recent years, raised the age limit for mixed football to 18 years old, so if you child would like to get involved, please get in touch. 

As football grows in popularity, Local clubs and leagues needs more referees.  Men and women and young people from the age of 14 are eligible and we’ll support you through the training. Many of our coaches and older players have already qualified. Find out more about what’s involved.

The Sussex County FA can provide the training you need whether you’re interested in getting involved with our younger teams or acting as an official for our older players.

Helping one of our teams with kit and equipment is an ideal way to increase the visibility of your business – and gain local customers. It’s a positive way to support the local community and it definitely makes a difference to the children and young people who play in our teams. You can sponsor a team by providing kit and equipment or trophies for our tournaments. Get in touch to find out more.

Without the help and support of our committee, there would be no Club. Some of our committee members are coaches and managers, while others help with administration and keeping the club’s finances in order. Whatever your talents and skills, there’s a place for you on the committee. It’s a great way to meet other parents and trade information on schools, clubs and events. And rest assured, we keep meetings short and focused. It’s our goal to decide what needs to be done and to do it.

If you are interested in getting involved, please get in touch


#Shoutout – U7 Reds

Our U7 Red Team were in action again today in the Crawley & District Youth Football League. Here’s another of Coach Tom’s fantastic Match Reports! Coach Tom said: “A superb game of football today, very evenly matched teams. Colts started brightly dominating the play and getting a superb goal with a Free Kick struck well by Harry B. The opposition managed to nick a few goals on the counter attack after Colts were drawn forward trying to get their 2nd. Second half was very even, end to end play with Colts so unlucky not to get a few more goals. The opposition goalkeeper playing out of his skin keeping the barrage of shots out! A great team performance with everyone contributing. Well done all. Cody ( Capt)🧤👏🏻Toby 👍🏻👏🏻Harry J 👍🏻👏🏻Nola 👏🏻💪🏻Cayden 👍🏻👏🏻Harry B (POTM🏆)⚽️👏🏻Parker 👍🏻👏🏻Will 👍🏻👏🏻” Age Group Sponsor: Wickhams Brown – Case Makers maidenbowercoltsfc #since1998 #footballfamily #25years #proudtobecolts

#Shoutout – U10s Red

#shoutout to our U10 Red Team as they progress in the Tandridge League Cup Competition. THIS is the Colts mindset in full effect!Fantastic effort. Coach Rachelle said: “Today the team played their second group game of the spring cup. It was a hard-fought battle between both teams. We got ahead after it being 0-0 for some time, then the opposition put the pressure on and took the lead. The team fell behind but picked themselves up throughout the second half and worked hard to take the lead again. It was an unexpected come back which shows that anything can happen in a game and it can go either way at any given moment. Even when it’s not looking good, there is a chance to turn things around. They took a few physical and mental knocks but got back up into the game and changed their mind set. POTM – Marco. At half time he felt he wasn’t performing well so he set himself a challenge to play better in the second half. He remembered having a negative mindset in the previous game against the same team and how it affected his performance so he went back out and gave it his all for the second half. Players player – Branden (chosen by Louis) for tracking back, communicating, and getting the long balls up the pitch to his team mates. Well done team 👏🏻” #maidenbowercoltsfc #since1998 #footballfamily #25years #proudtobecolts #mindsetmatters #positivemindset

#Shoutout – Lilly U11s Blacks

A fantastic gesture of sportsmanship from Steyning Town Community Football Club U11s today. They met with our U11 Black Team in the Horsham & District Youth Football League today. After a very challenging and physical game, Steyning Town FC awarded their Player of the Match to Lily, a Maidenbower Colts FC Player. Lily, who plays in a mixed team as the only girl, was absolutely thrilled. Well done and thank you, Steyning Town FC. 👏🏻 Sussex County FAGatwick Construction maidenbowercoltsfc #since1998 #grassrootsfootball #footballfamily #25years #cluboftheyear #proudtobecolts #sportsmanship #sportsmanshipmatters #thisgirlcan MISS KICK

#Shoutout – U10s Whites

This morning our U10 White Team made good use of our 3G winter training facility and hosted a friendly against Roffey Robins FC. A great effort by both sides and useful development minutes for the players to practice what’s been learned in training. If your team would like to join us for a friendly game on 3G on a Saturday morning please drop us a message. We can host U6 to U10. maidenbowercoltsfc #since1998 #grassrootsfootball #footballfamily #25years #proudtobecolts #cluboftheyear

#Shoutout – U10s Red

Coach Rachelle said:“Today the team played in DNA’s power play tournament. This is the first time they have played in a tournament with a power play initiative. Music was played for 2 minutes in each match and during this time, any goals scored would be doubled. We went in knowing the standard of teams was going to be high. The team had a rocky start in their first group game and had to work hard in the remaining 4 games, all of which were very close and highly competitive. The team finished second place in the groups, earning themselves a place in the quarter-finals. The quarter-finals saw a draw, followed by a close round of penalties and sudden death. We went head to head with Lambeth Tigers in the semi-final, who we played in our first group game. This was a very fast-paced game but also where our time in the tournament come to an end. Very proud of the boys for making it that far. They held their own against some tough teams and worked extremely hard throughout the games.” Well done Colts!! 👏🏻 maidenbowercoltsfc #since1998 #shoutout #grassrootsfootball #anniversary #footballfamily #25years #cluboftheyear #proudtobecolts #tournament #tournamentfootball

#Shoutout – U10s Blacks & Whites

A no quarter asked or given battle between our U10 Black Team and U10 White Team this afternoon as they met in the Crawley & District Youth League. Incredible determination, relentless effort, and great football with just a goal to separate the two teams – all played in the spirit of the game. Then, after the final whistle, they’re all smiles and as one football family for this great group photo 📸A great match, managed in exactly the right way by our marvelous U10 Coaching Team. Well done everyone. Age Group Sponsor: CAE maidenbowercoltsfc #since1998 #grassrootsfootball #footballfamily #25years #cluboftheyear #proudtobecolts Sussex County FA

#Shoutout – U10s Red

Our U10 Red Team, who play in the Tandridge Youth Football League, had no game this weekend due to Half Term so went GoKarting together! A great opportunity for some fun and team bonding off the pitch. footballfamily maidenbowercoltsfc #since1998 #25years #anniversary #cluboftheyear #grassrootsfootball #proudtobecolts Sussex County FA

#Shoutout – U7 Reds & Blacks

Two fantastic games this morning with both our U7 teams playing in the Crawley & District Youth League. U7 Black Team POTM: OsiasU7 Red Team POTM: Nola Great to see both teams developing, their confidence growing, and, importantly, them all loving playing football with their friends. Age Group Sponsor: Wickhams Brown – Case Makers maidenbowercoltsfc #since1998 #footballfamily #25years #cluboftheyear #proudtobecolts Sussex County FA

Our Girl Ballers!

The benefits of girls playing in boys/mixed teams are well published and with the age limit for mixed teams increased to U18, we believe those benefits work both ways. We’ve certainly seen the positive impact mixed teams can have on everyone’s development and life skills. In this post Lily, her Mum, and her Coach all speak of how joining a mixed team can aid a Player’s development, understanding of the game and physical confidence. ⚽️ Lily told us:“I joined Maidenbower Colts FC last Summer to help me improve my footwork outfield as I currently play as a Goalkeeper for an all-girls team. I was nervous about joining a boy’s team but they all made me feel so welcome and I quickly felt very much part of the team. My coaches, Gareth and Craig, work us hard and that journey led us to move up 3 leagues! I also had the opportunity through Maidenbower Colts FC to take part in the Colts X Begovic GK Camp which resulted in them inviting me to join their academy in Cobham. I love how accepting the team and coaches have been about letting a girl play in their team but now I feel like a very valued member of Maidenbower Colts FC” ⚽️ Nathalie, Lily’s Mum went on to explain: “Joining her Brother’s club was a big decision for Lily, but she’s not looked back once. Playing with Maidenbower Colts FC has really developed Lily’s resilience, confidence, and strength. Her in-game confidence has grown and she’s formed strong bonds with the boys whilst has earned their respect. The parents of the boys have been so supportive of Lily joining their Sons which you can certainly hear every Saturday morning!” ⚽️ Coach Gareth said:“Lily joined the U11 Black Team this season and has fitted in seamlessly. She is technically very good and competes well physically with the boys. She has certainly improved us as a team in terms of performance and team spirit.” Maidenbower Colts FC is an inclusive and diverse community-minded football club and we’re so proud to have Lily and all our girl ballers mixing it with the boys. It makes us a better, stronger more accepting football family. If you’d like to find out more about joining one of our teams, drop us a message. thisgirlcan #girlballers #inclusivesport #diversityandinclusion #maidenbowercoltsfc #since1998 #25years #footballfamily #footballforall #grassrootsfootball #proudtobecolts Sussex County FASussex County Women and Girls’ Football LeagueMISS KICK

#Shoutout – U10s Red

Coach Rachelle said: “The team put on an incredible performance today. Every single one of the boys put in the hard work and contributed towards the final result. A real team effort.Quick decisions were needed to keep up with the pressure from the opposition throughout the game.Great use of finding space to move into, a teammate to pass the ball to, and body shape to block off players.Sportsmanship was seen on and off the pitch today. Whilst the boys were having a rest off the pitch, they were supportive and complimentary of the rest of the players on the pitch.An increase in communication in the second half enabled more awareness and increased the level of teamwork.The header of the year from Louis, our center back, as he positioned himself well in the box when a corner was taken.POTM – Harry & Aaban.Harry – saved every single shot that came his way. He communicated with his teammates to let them know he was an option. Despite a collision with the goalpost, he remained in good spirits for the rest of the game.Aaban – Improved his performance throughout the match. He battled well during the game, regaining possession of the ball, made use of the space in front of him, and looked for players to pass the ball to.” maidenbowercoltsfc #maidenbower #since1998 #proudtobecolts #grassrootsfootball #footballfamily #footballforall #cluboftheyear #youthfootball #shoutout

#Shoutout – U7 Reds

Yesterday we posted about our U7 Red Team’s training session. Today they were able to put it all into practice in the Crawley & District Youth Football League. These young players soak up everything they are taught and apply it with enthusiasm on the game day whilst enjoying every minute of it. Coach Tom said:“Great performance today from the Reds today.A clean sheet and bagging a few goals at the other end!Harry B with a worldie free kick and Toby Captain this week picking POTM for his solid defending and distribution. An unbelievable team effort all around. 👍🏻👏🏻” maidenbowercoltsfc #maidenbower #since1998 #grassrootsfootball #footballfamily #footballforall #cluboftheyear #youthfootball #proudtobrcolts

#Shoutout – U7 Reds & Blacks

This morning our two U7 teams met in the Crawley & District Youth Football League. Enormously proud of how well they all played and that the game was played in the spirit and with the respect that defines being a Colt! Coach Tom, U7 Red said:“What a great game of football. Played in the right spirits, lots of goals and a very even match. Kids all went home happy with smiles on their faces.” Coach Paul, U7 Black said:“A fantastic game between the Colts U7s Reds and Blacks this morning. Well done to all the Players. Everyone enjoyed a great game” maidenbowercoltsfc #since1998 #footballfamily #grassrootsfootball #cluboftheyear #youthfootball #proudtobecolts

#Shoutout – U10s Red

Coach Rachelle said of her U10 Red Team today: “We started off the game with some heavy hearts after last night’s result and played in freezing temperatures.We played a really good side who gave us a challenge and something to learn from them.Heads were down after the result in the first quarter but the team’s performance improved in the second and third quarters where they were able to return the challenge to the opposition and battle it out for the rest of the game.POTM – Louis. He was upset after the first quarter with not being able to do what he wanted with the ball but after playing a quarter in goal and making some fantastic saves, he came back outfield for the second half of the game with a more positive and focused mindset. This shift lead him to stay mentally strong and his performance noticeably improved as a result. It was a great demonstration of resilience 👏🏻Also, thank you to Aaban, James, and Louis for stepping in as goalkeepers today.Thank you to LUCA FC & Academy for making the journey down here despite the cold conditions!” maidenbowercoltsfc #since1998 #proudtobecolts #youthfootball #grassrootsfootball #shoutout #cluboftheyear

#Shoutout – U10s White

Coach Lee said of his U10 White Team today: “I’d like to give a shout-out to my U10 White Team that played a tough game against good opposition in testing conditions of snow and freezing temperatures. Their hard work and relentless dedication were rewarded with positive result.Goals from Louie, Alex, and Harry – all the boys battled so hard and none of them gave up… tough choice for POTM, but awarded to both Thomas and Archie 👍🏼” maidenbowercoltsfc #since1998 #proudtobecolts #shoutout #youthfootball #grassrootsfootball #cluboftheyear

#Shoutout – U10s Red

Shout out to our magnificent U10 Red Team who again proved that resilience, hard work, and determination always pays off. Coach Rachelle said:“Shoutout to these legends who competed in the gold semi-final this morning as a team of 7 again without any subs.Really good teamwork was seen throughout the match today and great decisions were made.They improved their performance throughout the first three quarters until they became understandably tired in the last quarter.They still held their own and battled until the final whistle even with the opposition having 8 players on the pitch, finishing on a clean sheet.Well done to Louis who was the players player of the match for playing well in defence.POTM – James & Louis. James completed his individual challenge and played really well in the first half. Louis did some great work in defence, making those runs back to chase the players, gaining possession, and playing the ball forward. Both of them are full of coughs at the moment so their efforts today exceeded my expectations.A little shoutout to Aaban who improved his performance with some guidance and used his timing & positioning well to make some really good interceptions.So proud of them all and looking forward to the final in the coming weeks. The boys have earned their place there and it is thoroughly deserved 👏🏻” maidenbowercoltsfc #since1998 #grassrootsfootball #footballfamily #cluboftheyear #youthfootball #awardwinning #shoutout

#Shoutout – U10s Red

Yesterday, our U10 Red Team played their final group game of their League Cup. Coach Rachelle said:“They were down to 6 players due to illness but they went out and worked hard as a team of 6 from start to finish in the rain.In what was our last group cup game, the team had to play 6 v 7 without a goalkeeper for the duration of the game. Not an ideal situation but the boys always rose to the challenge and put the work in when needed.The second half saw the team equalise which took them through to a round of penalties. The team got their win on the penalties in what was a close game with the opposition. Their ability to be adaptable to last-minute changes and determination to play with the disadvantage of an under-load situation was truly admirable.Thank you to Tahir for covering whilst I was off and to Paul for attending the match to support with match day admin despite his own child being unwell and not playing today.”Well done Colts. Fantastic resilience, determination, and team spirit.Well done to Coach Rachelle for finding a way to get the game organised despite the bad weather and for coping with all the last-minute issues on the day – whilst completing the last practical day of her UEFA C course. maidenbowercoltsfc #since1998 #grassrootsfootball #footballfamily #shoutout #cluboftheyear #proudtobecolts #awardwinning

#Shoutout – U11s Black

SHOUT OUT to our U11 Black Team. Coach Gareth said: “Really impressive 2nd half performance from the U11 Black Team on Saturday. Behind at half time but they didn’t drop their heads, never gave up, and showed great tenacity and resilience to finish strongly with 5 2nd-half goals to get the win!”Fantastic job Colts. Showing true Maidenbower Colts FC mentality! #maidenbowercoltsfc#since1998#grassrootsfootball#footballfamily#shoutout#proudtobecolts#awardwinning#cluboftheyear#mindset#resilience#determination

Adrian Theobald Memorial Cup 2022

Maidenbower Colts FC will be honouring the memory of Adrian Theobald with our club’s annual charity football match. This will take place on the 3G pitch at Oriel High School on Sunday 30th October. Kick Off at 14:00. All proceeds from this charity match will be donated to StCatherines Hospice in Adrian’s name.The two teams will be made up of Colts Coaches of past and present and past Colts Players.Spectators are asked to donate £2 to witness this footballing marvel! If you’d like to make a more personal donation please do so via our GoFundMe page.https://www.gofundme.com/f/AdrianTheobaldMemCupThank you.Sussex County FAPremier Sports & LeisureSt Catherine’s Hospice, Crawley maidenbowercoltsfc #footballfamily #youthfootball #proudtobecolts #maidenbower

#Shoutout – U10s Red

Our awesome U10 Red Team started a new adventure today in the Tandridge Youth Football League. Coaches Rach and Keith said: “We started our new league journey today in the Tandridge league. Not knowing what to expect after being in the Crawley & District Youth Football League for the last few seasons, the Players adapted superbly! We started the opening 10 mins a bit nervous on a bobbly pitch but settled into the game and started playing the passing game we are known for. Strong performance from front to back with good team goals scored through passing and moving.POTM – TobySHOUTOUT – Nehan All the best to Old Wilsionions Owls for the rest of the season” Well done Colts! 👏🏻 maidenbowercoltsfc #maidenbower #awardwinning #cluboftheyear #youthfootball #footballfamily #grassrootsfootball #proudtobecolts

#Shoutout – U7 Reds

Today one group of our Mini Colts received their brand new Maidenbower Colts FC home and away kits, ready to start their journey into Mini-Soccer, becoming our U7 Red Team. In September they will play in the Crawley & District Youth Football League. Thank you to our Kit Officer, Mitch, for ensuring their kits arrived in good time and to the U7 Squads’ new sponsor Wickhams Brown – Case Makers. maidenbowercoltsfc #grassrootsfootball #since1998 #footballfamily #proudtobecolts #youthfootball #cluboftheyear #awardwinning

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